XOOK: Promo Video

Xook is an online platform providing artists a new and exciting avenue for the expression of their art, encouraging the creation of new works and artistic expression, collaboration, and diversification during and beyond the Covid pandemic. 

Xook provokes critical thinking about art and spirituality by exploring artists and their works, offering new content, and providing a forum for community education. 

It provides content that investigates artists relationship to spirituality, culture, and tradition though interviews that seek to create an impactful forum for the local community. It facilitates education on topics such as philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and culture. 

Xook meaning: ‘school’ in Mayan language

Traditionally art was valued as a source of wisdom and knowledge. Today, that deeper sense of artistic meaning in often forgotten. Xook seeks to reestablish the connection whereby art is valued as a critical part of societal living which helps us to connect with the wisdom of our past. Xook, therefore, is a platform where artists become our teachers.