Vincent Sebastian

Vincent is a music producer, percussionist and DJ of Latin American cultural heritage. He has 20 year experience creating innovative music events which specialise in global sounds, electronica, and Latin rhythms. He leads the innovative electronic music group OYOBI and has produced records and remixes for artists such as Pepe Citarrela, Jorge Montiel, Myles Bigalow, Qvln, Selomi , and Barrio Lindo. He is a PHD researcher whose work investigates the development and global diffusion of ritual music and practice, and is co-manager of the iconic inner city recording and production studio “The Nest”. Xook chats to Vincent about his work with his group Oyobi, his approach to music creation and spiritualty, and how culture influences his music and artistic practice. Vincent discusses how his culture, music, and psychological training has influenced the creation of his most recent artistic works.

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